Must see link. Four Yorkshire puppies sitting in socks from a clothing line. These adorable puppies look so cute. It makes me want to adopt them and take them home with me.
See it on the Daily Mail site.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking all online websites are safe especially if they appear to have a valid SSL certificate and rank high in Google.
However there are some important signs to check if you plan on shopping on a website, not just ones you have never heard of, but even reputable sites can have small prints that can leave you groaning under your breath.

The Seven signs that could stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

1. Read The Terms And Conditions Page. I can't stress how important it is to know the company's policies on returns, deliveries, etc. Many businesses have restrictions on everything from how long you can return a item to legal requirements that can impact an unwary customer.
The saying, "Read the small print before you sign on the dotted line", is indeed true in this case.
Many people completely ignore this section without realizing how important it is to know your rights.

2. Does The Company Have A Privacy Agreement? This might sound like common knowledge, but there are many companies who do not have a privacy agreement on their site.
It's vital not to overlook this section. Why? This agreement lets you know from the start whether a company will sell, rent or collect your personal information such as name, telephone number, etc.
Some companies even have trackers on their site and can  track your every movement through cookies.
If you don't feel comfortable with companies collecting cookies look for the opt out button on the company's website or if you have Firefox installed, go into options and click on, "Tell Websites Not to track Me", then click ok and this handy feature will notify websites not to collect data on you.

3. Never Buy From A Site Which Does Not Have A Contact Address. Believe it or not there are still shopping sites which do not have a physical address or telephone number on their site and will only allow you to contact them through email.
Stay clear of sites like these as you don't know whether they are legal or not.

4. Beware Of Sites Which Don't Offer Refunds, But Will Only Exchange Goods Only.
I've seen many ebay sellers and e-commerce sites state, "No Refunds." This is illegal and they are breaking the law. Under the distance selling act, every customer is entitled to a refund within 7 days if they are not happy with their purchase.
Never except the, "No Refunds", stated by many sellers as a clear attempt to hang on to your money.

5. Only Shop On Sites With Valid SSL Certificates Installed. Always look for a valid SSL certificate when you shop. Look for, "Https", which tells you that you have connected to a secure site and your personal data is protected. Never buy from a site which doesn't show a https on the top left hand corner of the web bar. Some sites will go green or show a blue colour when you connected to an encrypted site. Http on the other hand (without the S) means your not under the same protection.
You can use to check whether a site has a valid SSL certificate.

6. Is The Site Updated Often? Don't be one of those people who buys from a site and then doesn't receive the goods! A dead site which has been abandon by it's owner is common place on the internet. Look for signs the website has been regularly updated. Are new products or features added weekly? Does it state the correct year. Example, "2013" instead of "2002"?

7. Do Real People Shop On There? Look for external reviews, sold out products. If they have a facebook, twitter or other social media site, are there comments from real customers? If in doubt, don't part with any cash.

Following these steps will assure you of a safe shopping experience.

We are finally in 2013 and I'm really excited.
This is a chance to start fresh, change your life and meet new people.
If 2012 wasn't such a good year for you, don't despair this year will be better.
Here are some great suggestions to kick start your new beginnings.

1. Join A Gym. Many people pile on the pounds during the festive holidays. Joining a gym is a great way to meet new people and get back into shape.

2. Talk And Think Positively. It goes without saying, where the heart is the mind will follow.
If you want to have a successful life, a great job, good marriage, loving spouse, finacial success and optimum health, a change in belief system and reining in those destructive words are a neccessary component to success.
Create your future today by altering the way you think.

3. Treat Yourself To  Luxury Spa Weekend.  Celebrities and other rich people give themselves the best treatment.
Why don't you. There's some fantastic luxury spas which not only leaving you feel like a princess, but are affordable too.

4. Go On A Cruise. Cruises are not just for people with money. Anyone can now go on a cruise. You never know who you might bump into on your travels.

5. Dump The Junk Food. The best move you could ever make. Replace unhealthy sugary cakes with low fat or homemade versions. The myth which a lot of people believe about healthy eating is that you can only eat fruits and vegetables, but this is incorrect. The truth is that you can eat whatever you fancy, but in moderation and opting for healthy versions.
Grilling your own chips is more healthier than buying ready made chips from your local supermarket.
It doesn't have to be time-consuming either. Argos does a great range of kitchen applications which make home cooking and baking a breeze.

6. A Makeover. A makeover can do wonders for your appearance and confidence. Why not go for that colour change you've been dreaming about for years, but was too scared to have it done.

7. Go Shopping. Every woman loves checking out the stores for the latest trends. Let 2013 be an excuse to raid the shops. Buy that expensive dress you only live once after all!

8. Take Up A New Hobby. Increase your knowledge, make new friends and learn a new skill! There's so much to do in this world. Why not have fun exploring new activities and help someone in the process.

9. Jet Off To Another Country. The world is your playground with many undiscovered gems hidden within it.
Broaden your horizon, escape from your mundane living and enter a new land of endless fun.

10. Host A Dinner Party. Gather the family clan and throw a huge party in your honour, make it extra special by turning your home into a palace and hiring a chef.

Make 2013 the year to remember and change your life for good. Happy New Year.

Have you ever wondered why your partner is giving you the cold shoulder or appears to be more into his friends than you. It might be that he has found someone else.
Here are the signs to look for that tell you your relationship is in crisis.

1. He Stops Calling. You sit around for days waiting for his call, but it never arrives. If it's longer than two weeks, it might just be that he has found someone new.

2. He's Disinterested In Everything You Say. No matter what you suggest he appears bored and disinterested.

3. He doesn't Want To Be Seen With You In Public. Whenever you suggest going out for a romantic meal or visiting Big Ben, he always makes excuses why he cannot be seen with you in public.

4. He Always Stays Out. If your partner is always out for long days at a time this could be a sign he's walked out of the relationship for good.

5. You Find Messages On His Phone From A Unknown Female.  Innocent firting or something more deeper?

6. He's Always Vague About Where He's Been. When you confront him about his activities, he always comes up with vague excuses and never really tells you what he's up to.

7. He Acts Cold Towards You. Whether your with his family or you and him are alone, he gives you the silent treatment. This could be a indication he is cheating on you.

If your relationship shows any of these signs, then you could be dealing with a cheater.

I was lucky to meet the owner of Food Jewellery Direct, the elusive Anne Kane. A tall and shy young woman with 2 beautiful kids and a dog named sky.
We met through a mutual friend at a dinner party and became firm friends.
Okay the last bit was a little exaggerated, still a nice woman and a talented artisan.
I was asked to review her site: Food Jewellery Direct by her friend Jay Adams and jumped at the chance.
I have a sweet tooth, I love chocolates, cakes, biscuits and practically all the stuff which makes your teeth fall out, but I have never heard of "Food Jewellery".
So imagine my surprise when I ventured on to her site finding all my favourite food in miniature replica forms.
Chocolate miniature biscuits, marmite cufflinks, pepsi cufflinks, marmite watch, bracelets made out of party rings. It was completely crazy.
The site has hundreds of novelty jewellery including gift sets and a Oreo set I had my eye on before it sold out.
There's even a option for the brave among us who want a more personal jewellery service.
I was so intrigued by what I saw I contacted them and asked if they wouldn't mind sending a free sample so that I could see what these products look in real life.
I received a typical official sounding email which stated my samples were on it's way.
I was really excited and couldn't wait until Royal Mail delivered it.
The sound of a parcel dropping on my mat was all it took for me to dash to the door and rip the package open.
Two pretty little red boxes with bows came into view, and when I opened them up they were the cutest rings you have ever seen.
One was a mini party ring, the other was a miniature tea cup ring. Both items were very detailed and look real except they were extremely tiny.
You can see from both pictures how much work went into creating those! They are extraordinary in real life.
Back to my review of the site. The website is very easy to navigate with a drop down menu on the menu bar and the categories are well laid out on the homepage.
The shopping basket is very easy to use, you can stay on the product page and it tells you how much items are added to your basket.
Checkout is a breeze. It only took me 1 minutes to go from adding items to my basket to the PayPal page.
A good looking website with sharp photos, my only complaint is that they don't allow you to review individual products.
If you would like to see more of Kane's work go to

My second sample. Image supplied by Food Jewellery Direct.
My free sample.
I had to write this post because so many shop owners think they have to be on page 1 of Google to do well and gain a loyal league of customers.
It's sad to see a lot of website owners giving up or falling into a deep depression because their site isn't ranking high on Google.
The truth is that it takes more than just high ranking to do well.
You can be on page 1 and still get no customers.
Why? It all boils down to whether or not people actually like what you are selling.
If you can offer innovative, interesting unique products you will do well regardless of whether your on page 1 of Google or not.
Many businesses spend hundreds and even thousands of pounds paying a SEO or Pr company, doing Google Adwords and other pay per click advertisement, while those who prefer to go "Free" and do all their own link building invest countless amount of time trying to grab the coveted number one spot.
The simple truth is you don't have to spend hard earn cash trying to drive customers to your site or sit in front of the computer all day appeasing the big search engine giant.
There are many ways to gain customers without breaking the bank.

1.  Use Social Networking sites
If your serious about capturing the potential 1 billion users of Facebook and Twitter you need to use these mediums to get your business heard.
If you don't have the time or can't be bothered to post on these sites regularly trying using automatic software which updates your Facebook and Twitter page for you.
Connect your Facebook to your Twitter account using the application installed on Facebook. This allows anything you write on Facebook to appear on your Twitter account.

2. Display Your Videos And Pictures On Video And Picture Sharing Sites
A few of your work on a variety of picture and video sharing sites is all you need for people to find you. Many people will share and like a picture or video if the like it which means their friends and families will see it, thus creating a large pool of prospective customers in the future.

3. Spread The Word With Word Of Mouth
Nothing says it like a recommendation from a loyal customer. If you can get real people to recommend your business to all their friends and family you gain credibility not only with Google, but with future clients.

4 Give Up On SEO
Yes, you heard me right. Forget about the link building, meta tags, twinkling the website, etc and take a long break. You will be surprised at how well you can do without putting the effort in. Sites have been known to jump to number 1 by not doing any SEO at all.

You don't need to send hours or even months doing SEO, just twinkling the website can be enough. If you have strong products with visual appeal the public will do all the hard work for you and boost your ranking by linking to your website or products naturally. This is what is known as natural linking.
If you continuously build links, Google sees it has unnatural and might think your doing some black hat SEO which could lead to penalties in the future.
Google uses the same Google Analytics which webmasters use to track visitors on their site to track your link building efforts.
If you want to succeed in the long term, you need to get out from behind your computer and promote your business in the "Real World

Once upon time marriage use to be seen as the bedrock of a united society and the product of a healthy relationship between two individuals, but in recent years the numbers of people saying, "I Do" has fallen to record lows.
This is partly due to a changing society and how we see the role of marriage in a modern society.
So why is marriage now a thing of the past?
Why are couples choosing to live together without getting married?
There are many reasons why attitudes have changed towards marriage and some of the reasons is that, marriage isn't seen as cool anymore.
Some people even regard the whole process as being "trapped"  in a relationship they can't get out of easily and then there's the fear of losing possessions or money if things don't quite work out.
Others see marriage as outdated. It was okay in such and such a time, but not in 2013.
Many young people see it as nothing more than a fancy piece of paper without any true significant to it.
In reality this misconception is further from the truth.
Marriage is much more than having a fancy wedding or signing a piece of paper to state you are "Husband and Wife", it is the outward display of love, commitment and trust that two people in love share with each other.

Unfortunately many people living in our urban world have missed the bigger relationship between marriage and a cohesion society.
This breakdown of the family has led to many children growing up in unstable environments, where often the father isn't present and family values such as love, treating others with respect, etc are sadly lacking.
Children from a stable home are more likely to do well in life, have a optimistic attitude, and enjoy life to the full then children from homes where, violence, lack of family values and abusing parents are the norm.
In the US, where marriage was once substantial higher than the UK has since seen a massive drop off in couples tying the knot.
According to the Pew Research Center quoted on the BBC news site, "In 1960, 72 of all American adults were married." This fell in 2009- 2010 to just 51%. - Source BBC.
In the UK it's even worse less than 1 in 5 are getting married now compared in the 1930's.
"50 women in 1,000 got married each year," According to the Guardian on their blog.
Many women and even men view marriage as a old institution and don't like the idea of being committed to just one person.
I believe society is firmly to blame for a negative view on marriage.
Why? The simply truth is that society encourages people to sleep around and not be committed to one person.
There's also the idea that getting married is no longer the "in thing". In other words, why bother when you can be free to do what you want. It's just a piece of paper after all.
Schools should not only be teaching our young people English and maths, but family values including the role of marriage and why is still important in a modern and civilized society.

The Daily Mail had an interesting story today of a giant panda dancing to the Gangnam song.
Must see,
Welcome to my new hide out. I hope I can entertain you with my blog posts.
Recently I have had the urge to blog about the amazing world we live in.


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